Best Spanish Gift Ideas

Be it around festive season like Christmas or other special days and occasions and anniversaries, the struggle for getting the best gifts for your loved ones has been genuine. The gift should be cool, the other person should have a liking to the present, it should be precious so that it stays in the memory of the receiver, and most of all it should fit the budget of the giver.

When all of these factors come into the picture, the thought of Spanish gift ideas comes to mind. Some of the Spanish gifts that are available in the market are cool, and they are known as sovereign.

However, choosing from the best Spanish gift ideas is a tricky job, and this article will help you to overcome that task.

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7 of The Best Spanish Gifts

1. Nochevieja

12 is a very significant number in Christian history. Be it the 12 strokes of midnight or the presence of 12 months in a year, 12 has an important significance, and thus shoving 12 seedless grapes into your mouth at 12 in the midnight on New Year’s Eve is an ancient tradition in many cultures.

This is done in the hope that the new year will be lucky and will bring joy and prosperity to people, and this tradition is known as Nochevieja. Thus, gifting a bottle of twelve seedless grapes is considered to be a sweet gesture.

2. Spanish Hams

Spanish hams from Pata negra pigs

A Spanish Christmas table will always have, as one of its delicacies, a Jamón. However, gifting an entire ham leg is not feasible because it is enormous. Thus, one can resort to the Spanish gift idea of giving eleven packs of vacuum-sealed Pata Negra, which are 100g in weight.

The Jamón in this form is deboned and sliced up in a uniform and gentle manner, which looks very presentable and makes a perfect gift.

3. Mantecados

Gifting ten boxes of Mantecados is another way to go when it comes to giving gifts to your loved ones. Many Spanish sweets are mouth-watering and delicious, and they take over the grocery and bakery stores during festive seasons.

The most preferred treats among all the delicacies are mantecados and polvorones, which have Lard as their base. These are fun, novelty sweets and are full of fatty, creamy goodness. If you want to buy a present for the females of the family or female friends, abanicos are the way the go.

Women love the painting of nine dancing ladies on beautiful fans called abanicos, and thus these make a perfect gift. Classy ladies love having these beautiful fans, and they and light in weight and can be carried around easily.

4. Spices

Another fantastic Spanish gift idea is gifting a family eight sachets of spices. Spices symbolize flavor in life and the incoming of prosperity. Spain is one of those countries where a wide range of spices are produced, be it paprika or saffron.

This is an advantage because it makes the gift cheaper and affordable if you are running on a tight budget and want to make a Spanish food gift basket. It is a more affordable option than going for expensive wine or olive oil.

These gifts are also featured on a German site that I found online the other day. You can visit the website at to have a look for yourself.

Music is also an essential part of their culture, and many people love dancing to the catchy tunes of Spanish music. Thus, gifting a collection of seven music CDs is an excellent Spanish gift idea if you are deciding a gift for a music fan.

You can go for wither classical Spanish songs or make your compilation of pop tunes that go well with the season of celebration.

5. Belénes

Museo de Belenes

Spanish nativity scenes that are depicted by six ceramic nativity figurines rule the store shelves as soon as the season for Christmas sets in. These are also known as Belénes, and they are displayed in shop windows, school foyers, and on the streets to bring in the joy and happiness of the incoming of Christmas.

Thus, gifting belénes also counts as a fantastic gesture, and these nativity scenes can depict anything, the most basic one for your loved ones being the Holy Family, the ox, the cow, and the caganer, which is the cheeky man pooping at the corner.

Olive oil production business is preeminent in Spain, and it comes as a very thoughtful gift for a person who loves to cook. Olive oil is also known as liquid gold, and gifting five liters of olive oil symbolizes your care and love for the receiver.

This has the added advantage of being available in fancy and beautiful packing and wrapping.

6. Rope-soled Esparto Shoes

Rope-soled Esparto shoes is a gift I found on a website called Party Wedding. I was looking for a great present to give to a befriended couple that was going to marry very soon. It’s an excellent choice to give away.

Rope-soled Esparto shoes are the most fashionable as well as comfortable shoes available in Spain, and they can make up for a fantastic gift. These shoes can be gifted to both men and women, and they are handmade shoes that are incredibly durable, having the quality that can last for many seasons and become a memorable gift.

Spanish wine hampers are a delight to gift and receive during the holiday season. They are a bit more expensive than the other gifts, but if you have a good enough budget, gifting three bottles of Spanish wine is one of the best Spanish gift ideas.

The only difficulty is in carrying them as they are heavy, but if you can manage that, there is no better way to celebrate than drinking the delicious Spanish wine.

7. El Gordo Lottery

El Gordo is a grand lottery event in which people buy décimas or lottery tickets that cost €20 a piece. As they are expensive, people buy these in groups so that in case they win the lottery, the entire winning sum can be divided equally amongst the group, and even if they don’t win, not a lot of money is lost.

As the children of San Ildefonso School sing out the lottery numbers on the day of the announcement, crowds huddle up inside bars to see if their luck had turned up and if they had won the whopping sum of €4 million.

you don’t want to settle for just one of the gifts mentioned above, many Spanish hampers are also available in the market, and their prices start from €30. These Spanish hampers are the best Spanish gift ideas as they include a vast collection of gourmet products such as wine, cheese, preserves, and meat products.

All of these, when put in on one wicker basket and cover with fancy decorative cellophane, make the most fantastic gift for festivals.