Rebellion Broke Out By Spanish Zone Of Morocco And Canary Islands

One of a serious revolt broke out by the armed forces of Spain, which includes an area of Morocco and Canary Islands. However, there was not any repercussion on the first part of revolt on the mainland that is outside Seville. A revolt broke out for left Republican Government that took their office when general elections in march got held. They established some form of Rightwing Dictatorship at their places. Spanish people have no interest in democratic general elections, so they decided to do the Spanish right of rebellion. Because it was a common problem of people that is the reason most people took part in this Rebellion.

Problems Faced By Government Of Spain

During the first elections in 1932, there was a republican Constitution and the army was growing actually under General Sanjurjo. However, after Conservation Victory during 1933, two primary outbreaks came out in which one was Syndicates and others were Socialists. Then a remarkable swing of electoral on Left causes expectation of revolt from Right.

The present Government is facing hazardous political problems and also economic problems from the day they took their office. They are facing issues like numerous strikes, Burning of Churches, Shooting affrays, significant and immediate deterioration of industry as well as of trades, and Political assassinations.

One of the attempts made by the Government has also become worse was the introduction of land reform because it got misunderstood by illegal seizure by peasants of estates. They also proposed vascularisation about education that aroused resistance for Church. Even the unemployment problem got aroused because people start leaving their jobs before the election, and it caused a big issue over the Government.

Then in 1936, the Spanish revolution has caused by workers that are social revolution during the outbreak of the Spanish Civil war. It resulted in the implementation of anarchist and socialist organization principals in Spin. Mainly, the economy was working with workers like hotels, restaurants, shops, and industries were working with workers. The workers were facing many problems, and they get to consider nothing in society. Even, another leading cause of revolution is growing of Libertarian Socialists economy in Spain.

Goals of the Revolution

They caused a big revolution in society because their revolt contains some general goals for people of Spain like the elimination of institutional state power, control of workers on Industrial production, and elimination of social influence that got caused by the Catholic Church. It also contains goals of the international spreading of revolution to neighboring areas and implementation of the libertarian economy of socialists. They struggled for ten months to get their goals in their hands.

They revolutionalized in many areas like primary Madrid, Catalonia, Anarchist, Andalusia, Aragon, and some parts of Levante of Spain. They used some of the methods to protest like collectivization at workplaces and the assassination process of Political matters. Even several people got killed while Spanish right to the Rebellion process. Not all victims got killed while revolution, but some of them died during assassination, execution, and bombardment.

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