Which Rod and Reel Should I Buy? – Your First Fishing Rod and Reel


It is quite overwhelming choosing the right rod and reel for fishing if you are a beginner. You have hundreds of options to choose from and each has got different techniques and functions. Hence as a beginner, it is very much important that you know about the fishing rod and reel to choose the best one for you. Once you know about the same, you can explore ultralight to search for the one you like and also to read through the reviews.

Best rod for beginners

  • Rod length- The rod length usually comes at a length of 5 to 9 feet. The longer rods help in casting a longer distance but it is quite challenging for a beginner to handle. Hence you should look for a rod that is between 6 to 7 feet.
  • Rod power- It denotes the rod’s stiffness, meaning the resistance of the rod to bend whenever there is too much of weight. Usually, the rod power is measured as heavy, medium heavy, medium, medium light, light, and ultralight. It is ideal that you choose the medium measurement as it helps you tackle varied species with different weights and sizes.  
  • Rod lure weight- The lure weight shows the lure size you could cast with the rod without causing damage to it. Medium power is recommended to suit the beginner’s requirement.

Best reel for beginners

The line capacity and the reel size acts as a filter for choosing the right reel.  As a beginner, you could spool the reel with 200 yards of 6 ounce which is quite enough to fool the panfish just off the dock and also strong enough to catch typical largemouth bass. It is best that you choose a medium-sized combo of rod and reel that will help you in the initial stages of fishing.